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Mandando a Real Project Identity - Entrepreneurial Literacy. Mines for Peace (Fiemg) and Rabiola

Visual Identity of the Mandando a Real Project - entrepreneurial literacy. The project focuses on accessing the peripheral youth audience, through audiovisual media, and Busca  "give the lyrics" about entrepreneurship to young people who often already have knowledge about entrepreneurship in their local business. The identity was created looking for urban signs that are part of the daily life of young people from the periphery, such as the "graffiti" style lettering and the sneakers hanging from the wire, an icon of the peripheries of Brazilian cities. Building the color palette was a challenge, as it was necessary to use colors from the two organizations that produced the project. The project is still ongoing, where the identity, more clippings for collages and graphics are being used for audiovisual episodes, a webseries.

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