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_______ Co-Production, Curatorship and Design of the Virtual Gallery Quintal do Mundo
_______ Creative Direction Quintal do Mundo Virtual Gallery
_______ Visual Identity Isabella Cunha Consultoria
_______ Visual Identity of the Material of the Pedagogy of Playing Course
_______  Visual Identity Reel Cultural
_______ Co-Production, Curatorship, and Webdesign of the Carretel Cultural Website

_______ Production, Curatorship, and Webdesign of the Associação Mucury Cultural Website
_______ Co-Production and Creative Direction of the 5th International Festival of Spinning Tops, Piorras and Ticks
_______ Co-Production and Curatorship of the Transvendo Infâncias Project 
_______ Visual Identity of the Transvendo Infâncias Project.
_______ Webdesign of the Transvendo Infâncias Virtual Gallery.
_______ Co-production and creation of the Visual Identity of the Webseries Transvendo Infâncias, in partnership with Caraminhola Filmes and Carretel Cultural.
_______ Visual Identity  Cicavideomaker.
_______ Curatorship and Webdesign of the Virtual Gallery Territories of Batuque
_______ Co-organisation of the São Julião Quilombola Culture Festival
_______ Layout, Layout and Cover of the Dossier Kanatyo Patxoop: The words that came from Tradition
_______ Visual Identity of the Teaching, Integral Education and Educational Territories Course: Building Participatory Cartographies - Faculty of Education UFMG
_______ Website Webdesign TEIA - Faculty of Education at UFMG
_______ Memory production of the Caminhos do Brincar Project - FEAC
_______ Visual Identity of the Quilombola Marques Association
_______ Webdesign Quilombola Marques Association Site and Content Curation
_______ Co-production of the Tempo de Brincar nas Nuvens Project, curated by Na Pracinha

_______ Creation of Visual Identity, Communication and Press Office for the Project "Terê Convida: selection of two literary works for children and young people  with LGBTQIA+ themes for publication", by Editora Terê.

_______ Creation of Visual Identity and Communication for Socio-technical Cooperative Community Development Network of Traditional Peoples of Vale do Mucuri - MG

_______ Co-production, art direction, of the short film Brincar: Universal Language of Childhood.

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