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Visual Identity Project Terê Convida - Editora Terê

The "TERÊ CONVIDA" project consists of the production and publication of two books, children's and/or children's books, written by authors from the LGBTQIAP+ community, prioritizing the selection of lesbian, queer, trans, non-binary and/or bisexual authors who are unable to publish their books independently and/or with their own resources.
In the creation of the visual identity of the project, a palette with vibrant tones was thought, composed of several different colors that connect, in order to bring plurality to the look. The mixture of "worn out" textures brings the urban and the vintage, requested by the Publisher, and the intervention of new stickers matches the modernity of the proposal. The graphics show the paws of frogs recreated in a playful way, forming a ferris wheel that disappears and appears, giving movement and bringing children and teenagers to play with the elements. In addition to the main poster, pieces and videos were created for Editora Terê's social networks. 2022/2023

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